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Video Games for Elderly
Attention After Fall
Brain Adjusts to Breaks
Brain Blood Flow, Falls
Broken Hip Mortality Risk
Dance Therapy
Deadly Short Falls
Difference in Falls
Exercise, Elderly Women
Falls, Emergency Room Visits
Fall Monitor Boosts Safety
Falls Prevention
Falls Prevention Awareness
Fear of Falling
Genes Predict Frailty
Health Promotion Strategy
Hearing Loss Boosts Risk
Height Loss Falls Risk
Home Accident Prevention
Hospital Activity Not Harmful
Improved Walkers
Intervention Reduces Falls
Keeping Your Balance
Low Sodium Link to Falls
Magic Carpet Prevents Falls
Medication Use, Falls
Meds Prevent Frailty
More Deaths from Falls
National Falls Prevention
Not Falling as Much
Older Adults, Falls
One in Five Falls
Prevent Hospitalization
Reducing Hospital Falls
Stay Upright in Winter
Using Elevator Cuts Falls
Village Approach Reduces Falls
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Walking Faster, Safer
Wireless Fall Detection
Worse Outcomes of Falls
Zsa Zsa Fall



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Aging Perspectives Survey
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Anti-Aging Market
Anti-Oxidant Role Questioned
As Old As You Feel
Aspirin Beneft Questioned
Aspirin Benefit Test
Attain Full Potential
Avoid Heat Stroke
Barefoot Fall Risk
Belief in God
Beauty and Aging Perspective
Beneficial Health Care Program
Benfits of Oils for Skin
Benefits Checkup Urged
Better Health Struggle
Better Spaces for Elderly
Bile Fountain of Youth
Birth Order Impact
Body Satisfaction Differences
Boost Aging Skin Cells
Building Healthy Bodies
Bus Pass Health Benefit
Caffine Helps Memory
Caffine Reverses Memory Loss
Childhood Events' Impact
Cleaner Air Cuts Mortality
Clean Toothbrush First
Clincal Trial Exclusion
Clues to Aging
Congregate Living Benefit
Cognitive Skills
Creative Link Benefit
Curing Baldess Type
DC Senior Needs Study
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Defying Expectations
DNA Research Endorsed
Easter Seals Project
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Elderly Happiness Secrets
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Elderly Want Own Home
Emotion Impact on Aging
Emotional Intelligence
Environment and aging
Extend Life Expectancy
Facial Bones Age
Falling Among Elderly
Fat Cells Impact
Fat-Loss, Longevity
Fewer Hot Flashes
Fighting Muscle Loss
Fountain of Youth from Tap
Fountain of Youth Quest
Four Death Risks
Frailty, Surgery Results
Friends Boost Longevity
Functional Training Benefit
Gardening Add Zest to Life
Gardening Benefits
Gene Life Span Impact
Gene Responsible for Aging
Gene Variants, Lifespan
Genetic Signatures
Get Shingles Vaccination
Getting Seniors Moving
Glimpse of Aging Future
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Happiness Improves Life
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Healthier Aging Impact
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Health vs. Fitness
Healthy Monday Tips
Helping Elderly Independence
Holiday Skin Care Tips
Hot Flushes Linger
Housing for Aging
Housing for Aging
Housing Grant
How Healthy Are You?
Hunger in America
Hungering for Longevity
Illness, Injury Disability Link
Impaired Immune Response
Impending Aging Crisis
Improve Aging Skin
Injuries Killing Elderly
Is Aging Inevitable?
Israel Life Span Exeeds U.S.
Keeping Seniors Mobile
Key to Prayer Success
Less Pain Medication
Lifelong Health Gap
Lifting Aging Faces
Life Span Regulator
Lifestyle Impact Longevity
Life Transitions
Liquid Face Lift
Living Fast Life
Longevity Molecule
Longevity Preparation
Longevity Secrets
Longevity Study
Looking Older
Lower Disablity Risk
Maintaining Mobility
Maintain Thinking Skills
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Making Old Muscles Young
Male Menopause
Male Menopause Common
Managing Menopause Study
Mapping Aging Process
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Mature Market Institute
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Men on Fire
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Modulating Aging
Molecular Aging Mechanisms
More Sick Time
Moving Aids Fitness
Music for All Ages
Muscles Fountain of Youth
Music Offsets Aging
National Mobility Awareness
NCOA BenefitsCheckup
New Theory on Aging
Noisy Aging Theory
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Older Father, Longer Life
Older Men Health Concerns
Once-a-Week Exercise
Optimal Aging Award
Overactive Thyroid Life Threat
Older Adults' Struggles
Older Americans Act
Over 50 Attitudes
Oxidants and Aging
PA Aging in Place Legislation
Paradox of Aging
Personality Genes Aid Aging
Physical Decline Older Adults
Planning, Education Keys
Popeye Example of Aging
Positive Aging
Positive Social Skills Impact
Postponing Surgery
Post-Treatment Mortality
Primate Aging Similarities
Promote Healthy Aging
Protein Fights Aging
Put Old on Hold
Readiness to Change
Reaching 100 Years
Rebranding Exercise Message
Rediscovering Pragmatism
Resting Brain Stem Cells
Restore Muscle Mass
Reverse Stem Cell Aging
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Slow Down Aging Process
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Stress Leads to Aging
Stress Leads to Mortalitiy
Successful Aging Secret
Summer Heat Safety
Side Effect Prevention
Stop Strength Loss
Studying Aging in Dish
SuperAgers Study
Testosterone Decline
Testosterone Older Men
Testosterone Slows Muscle Loss
Testosterone Study
Therapy for Aging Muscles
Time in Nature
Training for Aphasia
TV Series on Aging
Two Perspectives on Aging
U.S.Aging Challenges
Use Holidays for Family Check
US Life Expectancy Lags
US Personality Differences
Wellness Study Aging
Value of Laughter
Walking Aids Recovery
Walking Speed Aids Life
Walgreens Wellness Tour
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2012 Older Americans Month
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HF/E Study highlights ways Video Games can be enhanced for Older Adults


March 8, 2012--Advances in technology have brought the video gaming experience closer to that of traditional physical games. Although systems, such as the Wii, that incorporate these features fly off the shelves, the increasingly complex technology may alienate certain segments of the population, including seniors.

In their upcoming Ergonomics in Design article, “Putting Fun Into Video Games for Older Adults,” authors Anne McLaughlin and colleagues conclude that even games for “all ages” do not adequately meet older adults’ needs and suggest how game developers can increase the benefits while reducing the physical, cognitive, and affective costs of play.


McLaughlin conducted two focus groups with adults over age 65 (average age 82) and observed as the participants, either alone or with another person, played a Wii game called Boom Blox for 15 days.

Certain types of video games can have many benefits for seniors, including improved cognitive performance, increased social interaction, and feelings of success, achievement, and self-esteem. Many of these benefits were found to occur in the current study.

Costs observed by the researchers included difficulties caused by physical and cognitive changes that accompany aging; for example, problems reading text, identifying objects, activating the Wiimote, or recalling what was read or the meaning of an unlabeled icon.

“Many current games are social and active, and they adapt to different player abilities so all can enjoy participating at once,” said McLaughlin. “However, this isn’t true of all games, and games in the past tended to be the opposite: individual, inactive, and with few gradations of difficulty available.

"I’ve recently seen a number of studies touting the benefits of even moderate physical activity for older adults, and today’s games can be incredibly active.”

The authors encourage game developers to understand the capabilities, limitations, and interests of older adults and to design their games accordingly. “Game design for older adults is not only viable, it is probably not as difficult as we imagine,” continued McLaughlin.

“Our observations of older players showed that they were motivated by many of the same game elements as those that motivate younger adults. The challenge is in overcoming the stereotypes of video games as violent, isolating, fast-twitch activities designed for children and teenagers.

"Older adults are looking for challenge, empowerment, and accomplishment in their lives, but they do not necessarily think of video games as fulfilling those desires.”

The authors are involved in the development of a cognitive game designed specifically for older players. “This game will be based on our findings concerning both affective and cognitive responses to games,” said McLaughlin. “We are participating in the design and testing of this game, and our next steps will be to deploy it as a cognitive training intervention and assess its effects.”

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society is the world’s largest nonprofit individual-member, multidisciplinary scientific association for human factors/ergonomics professionals, with more than 4,500 members globally. HFES members include psychologists and other scientists, designers, and engineers, all of whom have a common interest in designing systems and equipment to be safe and effective for the people who operate and maintain them. “Human Factors and Ergonomics: People-Friendly Design Through Science and Engineering”

Plan to attend the HFES 56th Annual Meeting, October 22-26:



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