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Begie Adair offers seniors, others opportunity
to enjoy music of movies, good listening

By Daniel Hines

For those seeking a solace with which to escape the noise that passes for music today, a growing number of artists are offering seniors the opportunity to relive memories with some of the outstanding music of a bygone era. 

But, while the era is bygone in one sense, in another, it lives on forever increasing in popularity. 

An example is Beegie Adair’s latest recording , ‘An Affair to Remember,’ a wonderfully produced collection of some of the great songs associated with the movies. Included are the title song, and such favorites as ‘Three Coins in the Fountain,’ ‘Love is a Many Splendored Thing,’ ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ ‘A Certain Smile,’ ‘Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White,’ ‘Moonglow,’ Pete Kelly’s Blues,’ ‘From Here to Eternity,’ ‘Blue Gardenia,’ and ‘Ruby’.

Beegie brings her unique and varied background in music to the production,  providing a great presentation of the favorites. 

That background ranges from the influence of central Kentucky where she grew up—blessed and cursed as she describes it with a double southern name that led to adopting the Beegie designation—to  Peabody College where she earned a degree in music performance, and then finally to Nashville, where she launched a career that now spans more than 40 years working in Music City. 

As befits her background and love of music, Beegie is a versatile artist.  One of her first loves was and remains jazz, and she is a regular at a local jazz club in Nashville as part of a trio ensemble with associations with her two fellow musicians of 10 and 15 years. 

She also worked at world-famous WSM Radio on live music shows, taught school for a couple of years and then worked as a studio musician for Capitol Records. 

Then in 1963, she started what any true C&W fan would consider a dream job—working three years on the Johnny Cash shows, where she had an opportunity for a host of musical duties working with the country music legend. She not only played in the orchestra, but during rehearsals, she would do fill-in roles for some of the stars as Peggy Lee by singing their parts or working with them on their production numbers.

Beegie’s life is filled with music.  Even her husband is involved, acting as the director of the Jazz Ensemble at Vanderbilt University.  He also has a jingle business providing the backdrop for the catchy tunes that we hear as a backdrop for commercials. 

Now, a senior herself at 67years old, Beegie is launching a new phase of her career with the launching of the songs that typified a generation that is now enjoying seniorhood.  ‘An Affair to Remember’ is the latest example, although she has also recorded a tribute to Sinatra.

 “These CDs are tailored to the seniors’ market,” Beegie explains.  “We have brought together a symphonic background to give the songs the richness for which they are remembered.”

 These are songs for special moments.  Beegie fondly tells of a senior couple from Naples, FL that came to one of her performances and described how they had used ‘Affair’ as the backdrop for a romantic candlelight dinner—at home.

“I always tell people that when it comes to marketing, I am my own demographic,” Beegie laughingly explains.  “All these are tunes that I loved when I was in high school and college.”

Beegie is hoping that the response will lead to the opportunity for traveling to appear before seniors’ groups around the nation.

”We love to travel, but most importantly, I just love the opportunity to meet seniors,” she says.  “Unfortunately, big record labels don’t want to even consider the musical needs and interests of people over 49.

“That’s unfortunate because I know that this age group truly appreciates fine music…we want to help provide it for them.”

How long does Beegie plan to continue playing?

“I just can’t wait to see what I am going to be when I grow up,” she responds.  “As my 88-year-old Aunt always says, ‘Never Retire.’  I agree with that, and I plan on making music for seniors for a long, long time.

“People in our age group are unique and I say more power to us.  I totally respect the way we can just keep going, regardless of what life has handed us…my final words to them are to stay healthy…and thanks for being a wonderful audience.”

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